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Math Championship Training Camp

Two month before the competitions

About Math Championship Training Camp

The "International Mathematical Competition National Team Training Camp" organized by the TWMC Association is specifically designed for students aspiring to participate in international mathematical competitions. This camp combines professional training with practical exercises to comprehensively enhance students' mathematical competition abilities, helping them shine on the international stage.

Course Content

  • Competition Theory Enhancement: Delving into key areas of mathematical competitions, including but not limited to algebra, combinatorics, geometry, and number theory, through advanced theoretical learning to strengthen students' foundations.

  • Problem-solving Strategy Workshop: Teaching students how to quickly identify and solve competition problems, including problem type analysis, solving techniques, and time management, to improve problem-solving efficiency and accuracy.

  • Mock Competitions and Analysis: Regularly organizing mock competitions to allow students to practice in an exam environment, followed by detailed problem reviews and strategy analysis.

  • Personalized Advanced Guidance: Offering one-on-one coaching based on students' specific needs, including individual weakness strengthening, psychological adjustment training, and competition planning.

Camp Features

  • International Competition Insights: Providing in-depth analysis of international mathematical competitions, including trends in past questions, judging criteria, and winning strategies, to help students prepare accurately.

  • Face-to-Face with Experts: Arranging face-to-face interactions with winners of international mathematical competitions and veteran coaches to share experiences and insights, inspiring students.

  • Psychological and Physical Training: In addition to professional knowledge training, focusing on students' psychological quality and physical condition, with professional training to help students maintain their best state.

  • Comprehensive Development Planning: Not only focusing on students' competition performance but also helping them plan their future academic and career paths, providing comprehensive development support.


The "International Mathematical Competition National Team Training Camp" is committed to offering students a one-stop competition preparation solution, from professional knowledge to psychological adjustment, from personalized guidance to team cooperation, comprehensively enhancing students' competition strength and confidence, preparing them for the international stage.


Organizers and Co-organizers

Organized by:

Taiwan Math/Science Circle Association (TWMC).


Students from the 5th grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of high school in various public and private schools across Taiwan's counties and cities.


Training Camp Dates:

Two months before each international mathematical competition every year.


Training Camp Location & Mode: Choose One

Physical Teaching:

  • Training Location: Taipei/Taichung/Chiayi, other regions will be online.

  • Training Duration: 2-3 weeks.

  • ※For the exact training time each year, please refer to this [link not provided].

Remote Teaching:

  • Training Location: At home (online test mode will be notified one week in advance through the online testing system).

  • Training Duration: 2-3 weeks.

  • ※For the exact training time each year, please refer to this

Materials Studied

The WMTC Camp held by TWMC will start in October and last for six weeks. During these six weeks, the students will work on a large quantity of mock tests and correct the mistakes they've made or ask questions about the problems that they do not understand. In the first four weeks, students will be writing and going through the mock tests that TWMC lecturers have created. In the last two weeks, students will be writing actual WMTC tests from past years. The teachers will help the students strengthen their weaknesses and teach them strategies that will be helpful at the competition. During the lectures, students are not only reviewing the testable materials and learning new knowledge, they are also building up their teamwork skills and thinking skills.

How to sign up for WMTC Camp

  1. Camp Organizer: Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

  2. Registration Deadline: Please Refer To the Official Announcements

  3. Camp Date:  October to November (Please Refer to the Official Announcements for more details)

  4. Location: Taiwan (Please Refer to the Official Announcements for more details)

  5. Registration Fee: Please Refer To the Official Announcements

  6. How to Apply:

    1. On-site Registration : Taiwan Math/Science Circle (2F., No. 390, Beitun Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City)

    2. Register Via Phone : (04)2243-1519     

    3. Register Via Line: LINE ID : 0422434986  

    4. Register Via Google Form: Please Refer To the Official Announcements


Please message the TWMC Official Line Account (LINE ID: 0422434986) after your registration in order to confirm that your registration was successful. Thank you.

Taiwan Math/Science Circle, TWMC
Address: 2F., No. 390, Beitun Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City
Tel.: 04-22431519
TWMC Official Website:

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