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Join the TWMC Association

Exploring New Academic Frontiers with International Gold Medal Inventors

The TWMC Association warmly invites high school and higher-level students from around the globe who are passionate about mathematics, scientific innovation, and academic research to join us. We especially welcome students who have won gold medals at international invention exhibitions to join our community, aimed at driving innovation in mathematics and science and nurturing future academic leaders.

Special Eligibility and Opportunities

  • International Invention Exhibition Gold Medalists: As recognition of academic and innovative excellence, we particularly encourage students who have won gold medals at international invention exhibitions to apply, to foster high-level academic exchange and innovative collaboration.

  • Direct Guidance from International Professors: By joining the TWMC Association, you will have the opportunity to receive direct guidance from international professors, offering face-to-face interactions, professional academic advice, and research recommendations.

  • Academic Paper Publication: With our support, your research could be published in academic journals with an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), marking a significant milestone in your academic career.

The Importance of Journal Publications for Further Education

  • Publishing papers in journals with an ISSN is crucial for your academic career development and further education applications. It not only demonstrates your research capability and expertise but also signifies your contributions and influence in the academic field.

  • Academic publications are a key criterion used by universities and research institutions to assess an applicant's academic potential and research skills. Publishing in top-tier journals significantly boosts your competitiveness for higher education applications and research funding.

  • The TWMC Association supports each member in achieving their academic goals and establishing a reputation in the academic community by providing writing guidance, professional feedback, and publication opportunities.

How to Join Us?

  1. Online Application: Visit the official TWMC Association website to fill out and submit the membership application form, highlighting your academic achievements, especially any awards from international invention exhibitions.

  2. Submit Your Academic Work: We encourage applicants to submit recent academic works or research proposals, especially those that showcase your innovative thinking and research potential.

  3. Participate in an Interview: Selected applicants will be invited for an interview to further understand your academic passion, research interests, and motivation for joining the association.

  4. Joining and Welcome: Once your application is approved, you will officially become a member of the TWMC Association and embark on your journey of academic exchange and research.

Rich Resources and Opportunities

  • Expert Network: Gain access to a wide network of mentors and experts offering career planning and academic advice.

  • International Conferences and Competitions: Assistance in participating in significant international conferences and competitions to enhance your academic standing and international visibility.

  • Community and Networking: Through social events, academic symposiums, and online forums, we promote member interaction and collaboration.

Your Academic Dreams, Our Shared Mission

The TWMC Association is committed to providing a platform full of opportunities for each member to connect with the global academic community while pursuing academic excellence. We look forward to exploring the limitless possibilities of academia with you and advancing together on this academic journey to achieve more accomplishments and realize our dreams. Let's embark on creating your own brilliant academic chapter.

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