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World Mathematics Team Championship


About WMTC

World Mathematics Team Championship (WMTC) is a non-profit competition that was held to create an opportunity for students to practice cooperating with their teammates, to learn and understand the implications behind the aspects of different cultures during their interactions with students from other countries, to see that mathematics is flexible and applicable, and to realize that hard work will overcome natural talent when natural talent doesn't work hard enough. The mission of WMTC is to strengthen the understanding and communication amongst students from different countries and to help them build new relationships with people with different cultural backgrounds. It’s also to help students understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation, to connect mathematicians from around the world to work together and improve the development of mathematics education, and to help the youths grow their interest in mathematics and critical thinking. Exposure to different cultures, languages, people, and customs is important for being a well-rounded person and job candidate. Having good teamwork skills is very important to succeed in the future whether in studies or work.

There are three types of awards in WMTC: team awards, individual awards, and relay awards. For team awards, the top three teams in each levels are given special plaques and each of the team members will receive a certificate. The Top 30% of the teams will be given plaques and certificates, and the other 70% will receive participation certificates. For individual awards, in each level, the top four students will get scholarships and the Top three students will receive a special trophy.  . The top 10% of the students will receive gold medals, the next 20% gets silver medals, the next 30% gets bronze medals, the next 20% get merits certificates, and the next 20% get participation certificates. Each student will also get a corresponding certificate.  For relay awards, the members of the team with the highest total relay round score in each level will receive a scholarship. If there is a tie, the team round score and individual round score will be added to the calculation.


Rules of WMTC

International teams are consisted of "alternate" members from each group. WMTC is responsible to put those members together to form "International Teams" based on factors such as communication skills. Individual groups are not allowed to form these teams by themselves. Each international team can only be formed with 2 or 3 regions. Each team will consist of six students plus one team leader (not student). A team can participate as a country, a region, or a city; individual registrations will not be accepted. WMTC is made up of three different rounds, individual, relay, and team. Electronic devices like calculators, mobile phones, or computers will not be allowed during the competition. In the individual rounds, each person gets a set of multiple choice problems and the scores of every team member will be averaged. Students will not be allowed to talk or pass papers around during the individual round. The first individual round consists of 15 questions that are two points each; these questions will have to be completed within 20 minutes. Each correct answer will give two points, the incorrect answer will give zero points, and the black answer will be 0.5 point. In the second individual round, students will be required to complete 8 questions, six medium level and two hard level, within 40 minutes. The six medium level questions will be worth four points if the answer is correct and the two hard level questions will be worth eight points if the answer is correct. The wrong or incorrect answers will only give 0 point. The maximum total score for both rounds is 70 points.

In the relay rounds, each team divides into three groups of two (the numbers may vary if the team isn’t complete). There are a total of three rounds that are eight minutes each. Though both students in the group will receive a question, only the answer from the second member of the relays group will be counted. One student in a group will be sitting behind the other student. The student in the front (the first student) will receive a question and this student will solve it and pass the answer using a paper slip to the student in the back (the second student). Only a single numeric number is allowed to write on the paper slip; writing any word or sentence regarding the question is prohibited. The second student’s question will have a unknown variable in the question and the question cannot be solved unless the first student passes an answer back. If the first student passes the wrong answer to the second student, the chances of that group getting a correct answer will decrease significantly. The second student’s answer will be collected at the end of five minutes and at the end of eight minutes. The correct answer at the end of five minutes will be worth 20 points, but it will only be worth 15 if it was turned in at the end of eight minutes. The grading scheme follows the chart below: (Correct = C; Incorrect = I; No Answer= X)

wmtc rules_edited.jpg

How to sign up for WMTC

  1. Competition Organizer: WMTC International

  2. Taiwan Co-Organizer : Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

  3. Registration Deadline: Please Refer To the Official Announcements

  4. Competition Date:  November

  5. Eligibility :

    1. Preliminary Competition (Choose one of the following): 

      1. Students recommended by the Taiwan Math/Science Circle; Students must upload the TWMC membership application form with a list of all the previous competitions they've taken part in.

      2. Students must Preliminary WMTC (Please contact TWMC to register for the Preliminary Test) 

    2. Final Competitions: Students must pass the test at the end of the TWMC training camp.

  6. Competition Venue: Varies annually depending on the host country that holds the competition; the final competition will be held in the host country. 

  7. Registration Fee: Please Refer To the Official Announcements

  8. Answer release date: 2021/11/30,Date of final report and certificate issuance: 2021/12/14 

  9. How to Apply:

    1. On-site Registration : Taiwan Math/Science Circle (2F., No. 390, Beitun Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City)

    2. Register Via Phone : (04)2243-1519     

    3. Register Via Line: LINE ID : 0422434986  

    4. Register Via Google Form: Please Refer To the Official Announcements


Please message the TWMC Official Line Account (LINE ID: 0422434986) after your registration in order to confirm that your registration was successful. Thank you.

Taiwan Math/Science Circle, TWMC
Address: 2F., No. 390, Beitun Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City
Tel.: 04-22431519
TWMC Official Website:


Letter of Invitation from the WMTC Chairman

To: Board of Directors

      Taiwan Math/Science Circle


From: Quan K. Lam, Chairman - World Mathematics Team Championship


Date: September 24, 2019
Re: Participation at the 2019 WMTC Competition


The Organizing Committee of the World Mathematics Team Championship
cordially invites members of Taiwan Math/Science Circle to participate in the 2019 WMTC competition in Seoul, South Korea. The dates for this year’s competition will be November 29 – December 3, 2019. We understand that you may arrive Seoul a few days earlier or depart a few days later and we will make arrangement to accommodate your stay.


WMTC is an international team-oriented competition. We believe the experience your team members get from this event will be very valuable. We are looking forward to having your team members to compete with students from all over the world.


Very truly yours,

Quan K Lam Signature.png

Quan K. Lam

WMTC Chairman

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