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At the dawn of this era, we recognize that educational innovation is the key to future success. As John Naisbitt, one of the world's 50 leading management thinkers, has stated, the education of the future should be human-centered, not treating individuals merely as tools to achieve national economic objectives. Guided by this philosophy, the TWMC Association is dedicated to nurturing mathematical talent from elementary through high school with a series of engaging and professional mathematics courses. This curriculum is designed to ignite students' passion for mathematics and gradually develop their love for math and logical abilities through a spiral teaching method, empowering them to confidently participate in various challenges and competitions.

Lower Elementary:

  • Course Content: Teaching basic addition and subtraction, simple geometric shapes, and how to use mathematics to solve everyday problems through examples from daily life.

  • Focus: By using games and practical activities, we aim to foster an interest in mathematics, emphasizing its connection to everyday life.


​Middle Elementary:

  • Course Content: Introducing more complex mathematical concepts such as multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, and basic data interpretation, to cultivate students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Focus: Encouraging students to enhance their understanding and interest in mathematics through problem discussions and case analysis.

Upper Elementary:

  • Course Content: Teaching higher-level mathematical concepts, including ratios, percentages, simple algebra, and introductory geometry, preparing for national and international competitions.

  • Focus: Through participation in competitions, we aim to strengthen students' problem-solving skills, cultivating their courage to face challenges and spirit of teamwork.

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