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TWMC Summer Camp & Winter Camp

Energized English
Camp Program


Unleash the Power of English!

  • Dive into the ocean of language where learning English is the most fun adventure! Imagine your kids role-playing as heroes or trading in a simulated marketplace, learning while laughing and playing. Gone are the days of monotonous grammar drills; welcome to vibrant, laughter-filled learning sessions!

  • The Little Orators Challenge! Our public speaking workshops are not just about teaching kids to voice their thoughts loudly but also about empowering them to stand confidently in front of others, sharing their stories and dreams with pride.

Think Outside the Box 
Embrace the World!

  • Travel the world without leaving home! Our cultural exchange activities take kids to every corner of the globe. From international food nights to traditional dress shows, kids will learn to appreciate and respect the diversity of our world.

  • Conversations with the world let kids shake hands with distant friends through virtual international exchanges. This is not only a great opportunity to practice the language but also to expand their global perspective and build international friendships.

Creativity Unleashed, Self-expression Showcased!

  • The Little Researchers Show Their Skills! Give kids a stage to explore an international issue through teamwork, from brainstorming to presenting their findings, allowing full creativity and critical thinking to flow.

  • The Grand Presentation Time is when kids shine bright! Through display boards and oral reports, they'll showcase their learning achievements, proving they've not only acquired knowledge but also learned how to translate that knowledge into action.

Bonus Activities for Endless Fun

  • Movie nights that allow kids to enjoy films while absorbing English, experiencing the charm of the language.

  • Team-building games that teach kids cooperation and leadership within the fun and laughter, building strong friendships along the way.

This program is packed with energy and fun, designed to make learning a joyful journey for kids. Through this English camp experience, we believe kids will not only improve their English skills but also develop an open, inclusive, and exploratory spirit, ready to face the challenges of the world!

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