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INFINITY is an annual competition held by the Aditya Birla World Academy in association with BITS Pilani. The competition is open to students in grades 10-12. The purpose of the competition is to create an environment for students with different cultural backgrounds to bond and share, to help students develop their thinking skills, and to train the students with mathematical talents or interests in math. The competition is made up of a series of diverse rounds that will spark the student's interests in mathematics through the fun of problem solving. The different forms of competitions, including individual rounds, relay rounds, team rounds, and presentation round, are meant to help the students sharpen their abilities to work in teams and to cooperate with other people. They're also used to spark the student's skills in thinking logically and gathering resources to solve problems.



INFINITY is consisted of the individual round, the team round, the pass-back round, the bulb-your-ideas round, the mathematics treasure hunt, and quiz. INFINITY will be held online for international students. The first part of the competition is the individual round and the team round. The individual round includes 30 questions that have to be solved within an hour. Students have to type their answers in the google form and submit them before the time limit is up. The correct answer is worth four points whereas the wrong answer will result in 0 points. The team round is made up of 10 questions that have to be completed in an hour. The students will gain 10 points for every right answer and 0 points for every incorrect answer. Each team will be put into different Zoom Breakout Rooms and will fill out a google form before the time limit ends.


The top 50 teams from the first round will compete in the final round which consists of “Clash of Mathematicians”, “Math Challengers”, “Pass the Baton”, “Bulb Your Ideas”, and “Quizzitch”. The final round is also held online for international students. “Clash of Mathematicians” is an individual round where students have to solve 30 multiple choice questions within an hour. Students will receive four points for each correct answer and zero points for incorrect answers. “Math Challengers” is a team round where each team will be put into zoom breakout rooms and will be given a set of 10 problems that they will have to complete in 60 minutes. In the “Pass the Baton” round, students will be given a google folder that will contain one open PDF and five password-protected PDFS. The password used to complete the locked folder will be the answer of the question in the previous folder. A google form will be sent to students to record their answers. There are a total of 6 questions that will have to be completed in 45 minutes; ten points will be given for each correct answer and zero points for each incorrect answer. The questions for “Bulb Your Ideas” will be released one month prior to the competition as the students will be expected to create a presentation using powerpoint, prezi, or other applications, to answer the questions. A rubric will be attached to the questions and the students will be graded accordingly. The top five teams will be presenting their presentation on the first day of the competition. The top five teams will be selected from the three team rounds and will take part in “Quizzitch”. There will be four rounds of questions and the top two teams will win a prize. 


In the “Clash of Mathematicians” round, the top 5% of students will receive gold certificates, the next 10% will receive silver certificates, the next 20% will receive bronze certificates. The top two teams from the “Math Challengers” round will receive the “Math Challengers of the Year” Certificate. The top two teams from the “Pass The Baton” round will receive the “Winners of Pass the Baton” Certificate. The top two teams from the “Bulb Your Ideas” round will receive the “Winners of Bulb Your Ideas” Certificate. The Top one team from the “Quizzitch” round will receive “Winners of Quizzitch” certificate. There are also certificates for the mathematician of the year, and the infinity champions of the year.

How to sign up for INFINITY

  1. Competition Organizer: Aditya Birla World Academy and Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani 

  2. Taiwan Co-Organizer : Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

  3. Registration Deadline: Please Refer To the Official Announcements

  4. Competition Date:  November (Zonal/International Round) and January (Final Round)

  5. Eligibility :

    1. Preliminary Competition (Choose one of the following): 

      1. Students recommended by the Taiwan Math/Science Circle; Students must upload the TWMC membership application form with a list of all the previous competitions they've taken part in.

      2. Students must pass the Preliminary Test (Please contact TWMC to register for the Preliminary Test) 

    2. Final Competitions: Students must pass the test at the end of the TWMC training camp.

  6. Competition Venue: Online

  7. Registration Fee: Please Refer To the Official Announcements

  8. How to Apply:

    1. On-site Registration : Taiwan Math/Science Circle (2F., No. 390, Beitun Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City)

    2. Register Via Phone : (04)2243-1519     

    3. Register Via Line: LINE ID : 0422434986  

    4. Register Via Google Form: Please Refer To the Official Announcements


Please message the TWMC Official Line Account (LINE ID: 0422434986) after your registration in order to confirm that your registration was successful. Thank you.

Taiwan Math/Science Circle, TWMC
Address: 2F., No. 390, Beitun Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City
Tel.: 04-22431519
TWMC Official Website:

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