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The TWMC Association proudly presents our extensive collection of self-developed teaching materials, designed to provide comprehensive and in-depth learning resources for students from elementary to high school. Our materials encompass a wide range of subjects including Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Language Arts, and Mathematical Olympiad, each meticulously crafted by experts in the field to spark students' interest in learning while deepening their understanding and mastery of the subjects.

In the realm of Mathematics, our materials cover everything from basic arithmetic to advanced mathematical concepts, ensuring that students build a solid foundation in mathematics and gradually master more complex theories and applications. The Natural Sciences materials encourage students to explore the mysteries of the natural world, from basic principles of Physics, Chemistry, to Biology, fostering a passion for scientific inquiry.

Our Language Arts materials focus on enhancing students' linguistic abilities, including reading comprehension, literary appreciation, and writing skills, aimed at enriching students' literary culture and strengthening their expressive capabilities. Meanwhile, our Mathematical Olympiad materials are tailored for students aspiring to participate in math competitions, covering various types of competition problems and problem-solving strategies to enhance students' logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The TWMC Association's teaching materials are not just a transmission of knowledge but also a tool to inspire thinking and innovation. We believe that through these materials, students will be able to advance more confidently on their academic path and prepare for future academic challenges and contributions to innovation. Join us in exploring the ocean of knowledge and discovering the joy of learning!

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Algebra I&II/Geometry/Pre-Calculus

AP Calculus/AP Statistics

Math Circle Program​

Math Competition Training


Invention & Innovation Courses







Life Science/Physical Science
AP Biology/AP Chemistry
Science Olympiad



Cambridge Exams





The purposes of the Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC) 

TWMC (Taiwan Math/ Science Circle) was first established in 2016. It is dedicated to promoting the development of mathematics in Taiwan's elementary, middle schools, and high schools. It provides information of major mathematical competitions in Taiwan and abroad, and occasionally invites local and foreign university professors to give lectures on studying and choosing schools. It also organizes various types of camps to train gifted students in Taiwan. Mr. Huang Huang-Hui, the previous principal of the National Cheng Kung University is the honorary chairman of TWMC. The current chairman is Qiu Lin-Bin, the previous chairman of Sinotech Engineering Consultant Company. Julia Chu is the chief executive and starter of TWMC. 


The goal of TWMC is to connect to the international community to provide a global perspective, and to maintain the advantages of Taiwan's Mathematical Education. TWMC (Taiwan Math/ Science Circle) was established with the help of the members of the Berkeley Math Circle in California. The Berkeley Mathematical Circle is an educational organization that was established a long time ago to assist children, fourth graders up to seniors, who are interested in mathematics. The professors at Berkeley University of California assist students in working through math problems step by step instead of giving out them the solutions immediately to ensure the children's understanding of the methods. After a few years, the Berkeley math circle successfully trained outstanding students. It has also become a model that the other schools follow. The Berkeley Math Circle in California has successfully cultivated a lot of exceptional talents; many winners of the Olympiad Math Competition came from the Berkeley Math Circle. 

Berkeley Math Circle (BMC) is not only one of the world’s oldest mathematics organizations, it’s also a leading group in mathematics that has trained many talented mathematicians. BMC members have helped with the creation of a lot of different Math circles, including the TWMC. TWMC’s goal is to cultivate students’ interest in mathematics and train talented Taiwanese students to have the ability to compete with the world and to be at the same level as the BMC students. Currently, TWMC’s curriculum includes materials from elementary school to high school, and it covers Math Circle work, AP lessons, Taiwan school math courses, and Math Competition training. During the summer and winter vacations, in addition to regular courses, TWMC will also invite BMC professors and lecturers to host international math circle camps in Taiwan. It also takes a group of students to the U.S. to take part in BMC training courses, hoping that Taiwanese students would be able to learn and train with the students and teachers from other countries and see more of the environment outside of their homes. If you would like to learn more about Math Circle lessons, please click on this link, thank you!

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