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In today's rapidly evolving technological and economic environment, mathematics serves as the foundation of science and technology, playing a crucial role in fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities. The Taiwan Math Science Circle (TWMC) recognizes the importance of enhancing the level of mathematics education and supporting socially disadvantaged groups in building a more equitable and competitive society. Therefore, we are organizing the " EduMath Charity Invitational”" to stimulate students' passion for mathematics, identify and cultivate mathematical talents, and train outstanding representatives for international mathematics competitions like the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).



This event aims to provide a high-quality academic competition platform to facilitate academic exchange, unearth and nurture students' mathematical potential, and support the mathematical learning of disadvantaged groups with part of the proceeds. This initiative strives to create equal learning opportunities for all students, thereby advancing the overall development of mathematics education in Taiwan.



Organizers and Collaborators

Co-organizer : 臺灣數學科學圈協會(TWMC)
Charitable organization : 台灣未來願景數位永續聯盟、中興工程顧問有限公司、WIIPA 世界發明智慧財產聯盟總會、TWMC CHARITY、豐信慈善基金會、社團法人中華傳愛社區服務協會、TIPPA 台灣發明商品促進協會。


Eligibility: Students from public and private schools in Taiwan from the first grade of elementary to the second year of high school.
Rules: Younger students may participate in older age groups, but older students may not compete in younger age groups.


Date and Venue

Date: The first week of June every year.
Venue: Held separately in the northern, central, and southern regions of Taiwan, with specific locations to be announced later.


Competition Rules and Rewards

Exam Content: 30 questions divided into three parts, over a total duration of 90 minutes, with no early submissions allowed.
Part One: 15 in-class basic multiple-choice questions, each worth 2 points.
Part Two: 10 international competition questions, including five multiple-choice and five open-ended questions, each worth 4 points.
Part Three: Five TWMC challenge fill-in-the-blank questions, each worth 8 points, with 1 point awarded for partial answers.
Reward Method: Gold, silver, bronze, and merit awards are established. Awards are distributed based on overall score percentages: 5% gold, 8% silver, 10% bronze, and 15% merit. In groups exceeding 1000 participants, the top three will receive cash prizes: 10,000 TWD for first place, 5,000 TWD for second, and 3,000 TWD for third. Gold award winners receive an additional 500 TWD competition subsidy (limited to TWMC competitions).


Registration Fees and Method

Participation Fee: A registration fee of 450 TWD per participant. Free registration for disadvantaged students upon presentation of relevant documentation (e.g., low-income household certificate). How to Register: On-site Registration: Participants can choose to register directly at various branches; addresses and contact information to be announced. Telephone Registration: By calling the official TWMC number (04)2243-1519. Official LINE Registration: By adding the official TWMC LINE (@386uvkfn), where a person will assist with the registration process. Online Form Registration:


Participant Guide and Judging Panel Introduction

Participant Guide: It is recommended that participants prepare relevant mathematical knowledge and skills in advance and participate in mock exam practices to familiarize themselves with the format and types of questions.
Judging Panel: Composed of experts, scholars in the field of mathematics, and seasoned teachers from both domestic and international communities, ensuring the professionalism and fairness of the evaluation process.


Registration Details

Registration Details:
1) Participants are required to provide personal basic information (such as name, school, grade, contact information, etc.) and choose the competition category upon registration.
2) Registration deadline: May 20, 2024. Participants are encouraged to register early to avoid missing the deadline.
3) Upon successful registration, participants will receive a confirmation notification containing competition guidelines and exam preparation materials.

Additional Notes:
1. To ensure a smooth registration process, it is recommended that participants confirm their registration status through TWMC's LINE service hotline (ID: @386uvkfn) after registration.
2. For financially disadvantaged students eligible for free registration, the association will conduct qualification reviews. Upon confirmation, successful registrants will be notified.

Reminder: After completing the online registration form, to ensure the success of your registration, it is recommended to inquire about your registration status through TWMC association's LINE service hotline to ensure your eligibility for participation. We look forward to your active participation, experiencing the charm of mathematics together, and contributing to public welfare.


Funding Program

A portion of the competition proceeds will be allocated as a funding program to support the mathematical learning of disadvantaged students in Taiwan and provide opportunities for mathematically gifted students to participate in international competitions.



The "Soaring Dreams Mathematics Charity Competition" is dedicated to enhancing students' mathematical literacy, sparking their enthusiasm for learning through competition, and actively supporting socially disadvantaged groups. We invite participation and support from all sectors, working together for the advancement of mathematics education in Taiwan and the overall development of society.


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