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TWMC  Math Olympaid (TWMCO)


About TWMC Math Olympaid (TWMCO)

TWMCO exams and scoring criteria are authorized for use by the Bay Area Math Olympiad (BAMO). BAMO is a highly renowned math competition in the San Francisco Bay Area, co-founded by Zvezdelina Stankova and Paul Zeitz of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), and organized jointly by the Berkeley Math Circle (BMC) and other math organizations. Known for its depth and challenge, BAMO attracts many Olympiad contestants and Math Circle participants. The competition covers middle and high school levels, with two divisions: BAMO-8 and BAMO-12, each consisting of 7 problems to be solved within a 4-hour time frame. It typically takes place on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of February each year.

The authorization for TWMC to use BAMO exam questions is a great honor. Our aim is to provide Taiwanese students aspiring to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) an opportunity to gauge their level of proficiency, serving as a pre-competition test for future Olympiad challenges. Additionally, we offer students who enjoy tackling challenging problems and Math Circle participants a chance to participate in the prestigious BAMO alongside American peers. Proceeds from this competition organized by TWMC will be donated to charitable organizations, and schools setting up examination centers can participate free of charge.

Rules of BMC Montly Contest


There are two categories: TWMCO-8 and TWMCO-12.

Both exams consist of 7 questions to be completed within a time limit of 4 hours. Questions in TWMCO-8 are labeled A, B, C, D, E in increasing order of difficulty. TWMCO-12 questions are numbered 1-5, also in increasing order of difficulty. Generally, the last three questions of TWMCO-8 overlap with the first three questions of TWMCO-12, meaning that problems C, D, and E in TWMCO-8 correspond to questions 1, 2, and 3 in TWMCO-12.

Grade Requirements:

TWMCO-8: Middle school second grade and below.

TWMCO-12: High school second grade and below.

Eligibility and Fees:

※ Registration Requirements: (Choose one)


School Setting Examination Centers: Schools set up examination centers and appoint invigilators. Participation is free of charge.

Individual Registration: NT$800 per person.

Membership in TWMC is required, accompanied by a personal academic resume (for TWMC membership rules, please refer to this link).

Recognition in other mathematics competitions (proof required).

Fee waivers are available upon request. Please contact TWMC for details.

TWMC members receive a reduced fee of NT$600 per person.

Subsidies for disadvantaged students: Fee waivers are available upon school recommendation or with proof of need. Please contact TWMC for details.

Cancellation Policy:

If participants need to cancel their registration during the registration period, please contact TWMC Association by phone at least one month in advance (Phone: 04-2243-1519) to complete the cancellation procedure and ensure the protection of rights.

No refunds will be given for last-minute cancellations after the registration deadline.

Competition Details:

Each question is worth 7 points, with a maximum total score of 35 points for each exam. The median scores for TWMCO-8 and TWMCO-12 are 13 and 15 points, respectively. The first two tables show the distribution of scores for each question, and the third table shows the corresponding rankings for given scores. For example, in BAMO-8, 123 people scored above 15 points.

Exam Regulations:

All mobile phones must be turned off and placed out of sight.

All calculators must be placed out of sight.

Photography is strictly prohibited inside the exam venue except by designated photographers.

Discussion during the exam is prohibited.

Passing of papers during the exam is not allowed.

Invigilators must remain within the area they are monitoring during the exam.

Invigilators are not permitted to answer any technical questions. If there are any questions regarding the exam, invigilators are only responsible for providing scratch paper and pencils, distributing exam papers, and collecting answer sheets.


2% Gold Medal

3% Silver Medal

5% Bronze Medal

10% Certificate of Excellence

Exam Content:

TWMCO-8 questions include logic, basic geometry, fundamental counting, and some algebra problems. TWMCO-12 questions may involve more advanced algebra, such as complex numbers, possibly trigonometry, and more advanced geometric and combinatorial (formally, combinatorial) concepts. The use or involvement of calculus is not a problem.

Registration for TWMCO 

Registration Method:

1. Registration Deadline: Please refer to the latest announcement from TWMC.

On-site Registration: Taiwan Mathematics/Science Circle Association (TWMC) Taichung Registration


2. Office: 2nd Floor, No. 390, Beitun Road, Beitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan Phone: (04) 2243-1519

Communication Registration: Taiwan Mathematics/Science Circle Association (TWMC) Phone

3. Registration: (04) 2243-1519

4. LINE Registration: Search LINE ID: 0422434986


5. Online Form Registration: Please click here to access the registration form: link to the registration form.


6. School Registration: Please use the group registration form. Download the group registration form [here](provide link). After filling out the form, please fax or email it to TWMC for record-keeping. The fax number and email for submission are as follows: Fax: 04-2243-4727 Email: For any inquiries, please contact the Taiwan co-organizing unit: Taiwan Mathematics/Science Circle Association


7. (TWMC) Contact number: 04-2243-1519 Contact person: Ms. Wang

After completing the online registration form, to confirm your successful registration, please inquire through TWMC's LINE service line (LINE ID: 0422434986). Thank you.

Taiwan Math/Science Circle, TWMCAddress: 2F., No. 390, Beitun Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung CityTel.: 04-22431519TWMC Official Website:

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