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World Invention Presentation Skills Competition (WIPSC in Kaohsiung)


World Invention Presentation Skills Competition (WIPSC in Kaohsiung)

World Invention Presentation Skills Competition (WIPSC in Kaohsiung)

"Invention" is a specialized technical field that integrates diverse abilities. From the conception of an invention to its realization, it tests an inventor's abstract thinking, rational analysis, planning and execution, problem-solving, teamwork, social observation, resource gathering, international perspective, and other abilities. The Taiwan Invention Product Promotion Association (TIPPA), continuing the passion for invention and education of its founding former chairman, Mr. Hsieh Hsin-Min, organizes the "World Invention Presentation Skills Competition." Participating teams must possess creativity in invention and proficiency in English. They present a 5-minute English presentation on stage, and professional foreign judges, in addition to questioning the works based on "invention," also provide scoring and suggestions regarding the inventor's "presentation skills," "concept direction," "work characteristics," and "business development," guiding students from ideation to practical exercise, creating a diverse and comprehensive invention experience.

The "World Invention Presentation Skills Competition" links three major aspects: "self-directed action," "communication interaction," and "social participation." It can help students establish a lifelong, self-directed learning attitude, possess core competencies, and cultivate the "inventive new human" who can "adapt to current life and face future challenges with knowledge, skills, and attitude"!

2023 World Invention Presentation Skills Competition

1. Organizer: World Invention Intellectual Property Union

2. Executive Unit: Taiwan Invention Product Promotion Association Exhibition

3. Dates: December 1 to December 2, 2023

4. Exhibition Venue: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Exhibition

5. Features:

  •  The most international presentation competition in Asia.

  • A panel of professional judges from around the world.

  •  Each work will be assessed by two judges, and participants are required to provide explanations in English throughout.

  • Concurrently held with the Kaohsiung International Invention and Design Exhibition, facilitating exchanges with inventors from 28 different countries.

7. Participation Fee: NT$20,000 per entry.

8. Judging Method: 5-minute English presentation, followed by a 3-minute questioning 


9.Group Competition: Elementary School Group, Junior High School Group, High School     (Vocational) Group, College/University Group, Corporate Group

10. Registration:

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