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Taiwan Math/Science Circle

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Knowledge for Every Level

Math Courses

Our mathematics curriculum progresses systematically from elementary school to high school, aiming to establish students' solid mathematical foundation and exceptional problem-solving abilities. We utilize self-compiled Olympiad mathematics textbooks from TWMC, covering various aspects of Olympiad and mathematical competitions. 



Through systematic teaching methods, we delve into problem-solving techniques, mathematical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Real competition experience is integrated into the curriculum to assist students in better tackling various challenges. Our goal is to cultivate students' outstanding abilities in the field of mathematics, enabling them to stand out in various mathematical competitions.Additionally, we offer international mathematics courses, including fundamental subjects such as Algebra (Algebra I, Algebra II), Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics. We pay special attention to the examination requirements of high schools, aiming to help students face the challenges of high school exams and excel in AP mathematics exams and future challenges.

Science Courses

The TWMC natural science curriculum extends beyond elementary school to junior high school, covering subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Our aim remains to inspire students' curiosity and passion for scientific exploration through interactive teaching methods. We provide a comprehensive learning experience, emphasizing fundamental concepts and typical problem-solving techniques for each curriculum unit, enabling students to easily grasp the key points.


Additionally, for advanced courses, we offer AP science preparatory courses designed to provide a deeper and more challenging learning experience, encompassing core subjects like Biology (AP Biology), Chemistry (AP Chemistry), and Physics (AP Physics). Through meticulously designed courses, students will acquire a solid foundation of scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills. We particularly emphasize hands-on experimentation and problem-solving to address the challenges of both school and AP exams.


The purpose of mathematical competitions is to stimulate students' interest and enthusiasm for mathematics, cultivate their problem-solving abilities, logical thinking, and mathematical reasoning skills. Through participation in competitions, students not only challenge themselves and unleash their potential in a competitive environment but also hone their ability to solve problems quickly and handle pressure.


The integration of TWMC Association with mathematical competitions adds deeper significance to this purpose. As a professional mathematics organization, TWMC Association is dedicated not only to promoting the development of mathematics but also to nurturing mathematical talents. By regularly assisting in organizing mathematical competitions, TWMC Association provides students with opportunities to interact with outstanding peers from different schools and regions, igniting their passion for learning and broadening their horizons.
As the most prolific organizer of competitions and events in Taiwan, TWMC Association aims to provide students with more diverse learning opportunities to enrich their learning experiences, thus increasing their chances of entering their ideal schools in the future. Through organizing various mathematical competitions, TWMC Association not only stimulates students' interest and learning in mathematics but also provides a platform for them to interact with other outstanding students. Such a learning environment helps expand students' horizons, cultivate their competitiveness, and lay a solid foundation for their future academic and professional careers.

Inventor Talent Training Program

"TWMC Inventor Talent Training Program" series aims to provide a comprehensive set of practical invention courses. Our goal is not only to teach students creativity but also to enable them to eventually present outstanding works for various international invention exhibitions.


The program is divided into three stages:
Stage One: "Creative Course" introduces students to the concept of invention exhibitions while stimulating their creative potential.
Stage Two: "Production Phase" involves a variety of activities such as discussing works, drawing product diagrams, product manufacturing, assembly, and video shooting.
Stage Three: "Exhibition Preparation" ensures all arrangements are properly made, including preparing works, posters, videos, and exhibition training. This stage aims to ensure that we are fully prepared to showcase the excellent work of our students. Afterwards, we will assist in registration and representation or accompany students to participate in the exhibition.


Kids Reading Book in Park

As the leading co-organizer of competitions and camps in Taiwan, TWMC Association is dedicated to organizing diverse camps, including Creative Mathematics, International Math Competition Training, Overseas Math Study Tours, and International Invention Exhibition Camps. 

We provide professional guidance and opportunities for international exchange to help students expand their interest in mathematics, enhance their professional abilities, and lay a solid foundation for their future academic and career paths. It is worth mentioning that all our overseas camps are led by renowned professors from top universities in the United States. We look forward to not only exposing participants to cutting-edge mathematical knowledge and techniques but also expanding their global perspective and international collaboration skills through interactions with these professors, thereby laying a solid foundation for their future academic and professional careers.


International  Conference

In recent years, the Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC) has been actively committed to students' academic development in the fields of mathematics and international invention exhibitions. However, we not only focus on cultivating fundamentals but also strive to enhance students' academic literacy by actively promoting participation in academic conferences to assist students in successfully presenting papers and publishing them in journals.

To further promote this concept, TWMC will launch a series of exciting international academic conferences, inviting all students passionate about academic research to actively participate and register. This is not only an excellent platform for academic exchange but also an important opportunity to broaden academic horizons. Regardless of your field of expertise, you are welcome to join us on this journey leading the future of academia.

By participating in our academic activities, you will have the opportunity to delve into your professional field and present research findings through the writing of professional papers. With the assistance provided by TWMC, your papers will have a greater chance of being published in prestigious international academic journals. This comprehensive academic nurturing will significantly enhance your research capabilities, providing you with more opportunities and achievements on the academic stage.



The TWMC Student Council was established in 2018, its members come from schools in different regions of Taiwan. The purpose of the TWMC Student Council is to connect students and create a welcoming environment for learners. The TWMC Student Council also set up a volunteer team to visit nursing homes or orphanages from time to time. Recently, the spread of COVID-19 has affected many families.

The TWMC student council has noticed the plight of the people around them and has launched a series of activities to care for the people of society, whether as volunteers or as communicators that invite organizations, foundations and enterprises from all over the world to join in the grand event, bringing warmth to those in need. Through volunteer services, the TWMC Student Council hopes that their work will inspire more students to care for the people around them and to work to bring love to everyone. Do you want to join the TWMC Student Council? Would you like to participate in more volunteer services? Welcome to the TWMC Student Council! Website:

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