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The Taiwan Math/Science Circle is a program for motivated students in Taiwan. It aims at drawing kids to both mathematics and science, teaching them to accept failures, preparing them for competitions, and introducing them to the fun of solving challenging problems and studying more difficult materials.

Knowledge for Every Level

Overview of Courses

Circle Sessions

Circles sessions often concentrate on problem solving techniques applicable in many areas. Sample circle topics include: symmetry, the pigeon–hole principle, divisibility, counting, probability, invariants, graphs, induction, plane geometry, or inversion in a circle. Teachers would encourage the students to think and would not be satisfied unless there is a rigorous solution to every problem.


The camps will allow the students to explore the concepts of math and science in fun and creative ways. The students will be exposed to many different materials that will allow them to grow greatly. These camps will bring out student's self-confidence and interest for both both of these subjects.


Student will be encouraged to attend many different competitions, in and out of the country.These competitions provide a myriad of opportunities for them: a platform for students to demonstrate your talent and a stepping-stone to achieving greater things in life. They represent unconventional but effective ways of securing internships, scholarships, jobs and exposure to real-world issues. Students will also be able to connect to other talented youths and experience the joy of competing!


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