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In recent years, the Taiwan Math Science Circle (TWMC) has been dedicated to guiding students in developing their potential in the fields of mathematics and international invention exhibitions. However, we not only content ourselves with this; we actively encourage students to participate in academic conferences, assisting them in presenting papers published in academic journals.

The TWMC is committed to nurturing future leaders in academic fields, actively encouraging members to participate in various academic conferences. Through such participation, students can showcase their research achievements in mathematics and invention while interacting with scholars from diverse backgrounds, broadening their horizons and jointly exploring academic topics.

To further promote this philosophy, we are initiating a series of international academic conferences, welcoming all interested students to join and register. This will be an excellent opportunity to broaden your academic perspective, regardless of your field of expertise.

By participating in our events, you not only have the chance to delve into your professional field but also to translate your findings into concrete papers. With our assistance, there is an opportunity for your work to be published in international academic journals. This comprehensive academic cultivation will enhance your research capabilities and open doors to the international academic community.

Whether you are passionate about mathematics, invention, or any other academic field, we welcome you to join our ranks. The registration process is simple and straightforward—just click to register and fill in the relevant information. We look forward to joining hands with you to showcase your talent and innovation on the academic stage.

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