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ARML (American Regions Mathematics League)

June 1-2, 2018

The American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) is an annual high school mathematics team competition held in the United States. Teams consist of 15 members, these teams usually represent a large region or a large population center. The New York State Mathematics League held the first competition in 1973. This led to the creation of the Atlantis Regions Mathematics League which then became the ARML.

WMTC (World Mathematics

Team Competition)

November 21-25, 2018

The World Mathematics Team Competition (WMTC) is a team–oriented

competition where students from all over the world will form teams and

compete against the other teams. Each Team consists of six members; a

team can participate as a country, region, or as an educational institution.

The upcoming one in 2018 will be held in the City of Varna in Bulgaria.

For further information: http://wmtc.international/?ckattempt=2   ; or

contact TWMC staff. 

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Coming Soon 2018

TWMC Cup will be held twice every year, in April and December. Its main purpose is to help the students explore their interests and boost their self-confidence. The tests will be open to Kindergarteners to High schoolers.

A math and science program for junior high school students. It is held

by the KGSEA Math Circle located in Korea. Click 'learn more' for

further information. 

Math and Science Camp

December 30 - January 6 2019


IMTC Competition

February 8 - February 12 2019

International Talent Mathematics Contest offers the opportunity for students from each countries to evaluate their potential for self- development and achieve their goal of success in the future. ITMC also endevours to maintain strong international relationships with other countries that join the project. They are given the opportunity to communicate and exchange experience and knowledge with each other.