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Thinking and Diving into Mathematics​

The mornings of the weekends should be leisure times for exercise or meditation, but we always see children and parents shuffling through schools or office buildings to begin their day of tutoring. Since the students couldn't find the passion and motivation to like mathematics, parents and children had to jump between different cram schools to find driftwood that they could grasp. TWMC's years of teaching experience have taught us that there are no children who cannot learn mathematics, rather only children who have no motivation to learn and solve problems. Therefore, we have established a spiral curriculum, where teachers will help students from Grades 1 to 12 gradually expand their love for mathematics, cultivate their ability to think logically, and help them generate confidence to participate in challenging competitions.

Grade 1-2 Mathematics

Mathematics is fun, and it's interconnected with applications of life. When parents pay with credit cards or give children convenient electronic watches, these are the sources of the death of the fun of mathematics. We hope to help children fall in love with mathematics by establishing the basics of mathematics through daily chores and events. 

Grade 3-4 Mathematics

At this stage, in order to establish children's logical thinking, TWMC has compiled in-class materials with TWMC materials, using practice questions to discuss and overcome challenges. Only the accumulation of thinking can solve mathematical problems, not the accumulation of test papers that were completed.

Grade 5-6 Mathematics

The ability to think logically and solve problems are essential for solving mathematical questions. At this stage, the students have established the ability to solve problems independently. In addition to the in-depth study and discussion of the textbooks, TWMC also leads the children to participate in domestic and international competitions, so that the children can learn to face pressure and overcome challenges.

The end of the learning process is not participating in competitions, but rather, students should continue to think no matter what stage of life they are in. 

Middle School and High School Mathematics

TWMC will provide suggestions to develop tailor-made courses and study plans for public, private, international, or foreign schools according to the needs of parents and the students' learning styles and abilities. TWMC looks forward to having children who are interested in critical learning to join us and learn together.

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