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        TWMC               Summer Camp /
Winter Camp 

Winter Camp :  Jan-Feb  
Summer Camp : Jun-Aug

About WMTC Camp

Welcome to the TWMC 's Summer and Winter Camps, offering a diverse range of experiences encompassing Mathematics Camp, International Invention Exhibition Camp, and English Camp.

Let's delve into a more detailed introduction of each camp.

Mathematics Camp

1. Course Highlights: Ignite students' interest and passion for mathematics through engaging and witty 

     teaching methods.
2. Activities: Problem-solving competitions, mathematical games, real-world case analyses, fostering

    logical thinking and mathematical problem-solving skills.
3. Objectives: Inspire an exploration spirit for mathematics and establish a solid mathematical foundation.

International Invention Exhibition Camp

  - Course Highlights:Guide students to unleash their creativity and promote an inventive spirit to solve

     real-world problems.
   - Activities:Invention workshops, team collaboration projects, mentor guidance, encouraging students 

     to propose innovative ideas and bring them to life.
   - Objectives:Cultivate creativity, problem-solving skills, and teamwork, while providing opportunities 

     for students to participate in international invention exhibitions.

English Camp

 - Course Highlights: Enhance students' all-around English abilities—listening, speaking, reading, and

   writing—through interactive methods.
- Activities: English conversation classes, literature reading, drama performances, incorporating practical 

   English applications.
-  Objectives: Strengthen students' English communication skills, foster confidence in English expression, 

    and better prepare them for academic and professional challenges in an international context.

These camps not only meet academic needs but also aim to nurture students' creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork skills, laying a solid foundation for their future development. We look forward to your participation in the TWMC Association's Summer and Winter Camps!

How to sign up for WMTC Camp

  1. Camp Organizer: Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

  2. Registration Deadline: Please Refer To the Official Announcements

  3. Camp Date:  October to November (Please Refer to the Official Announcements for more details)

  4. Location: Taiwan (Please Refer to the Official Announcements for more details)

  5. Registration Fee: Please Refer To the Official Announcements

  6. How to Apply:

    1. On-site Registration : Taiwan Math/Science Circle (2F., No. 390, Beitun Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City)

    2. Register Via Phone : (04)2243-1519     

    3. Register Via Line: LINE ID : 0422434986  

    4. Register Via Google Form: Please Refer To the Official Announcements


Please message the TWMC Official Line Account (LINE ID: 0422434986) after your registration in order to confirm that your registration was successful. Thank you.

Taiwan Math/Science Circle, TWMC
Address: 2F., No. 390, Beitun Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City
Tel.: 04-22431519
TWMC Official Website:

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